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    About Us

    Ankh Survival Gear provides the very life line
    people are reaching for during natural disasters, including
    hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and winter storms.
    More importantly, we help families be ready when life’s challenges
    require a change of plans, challenges like illness, accidents, job
    loss, and more.

    Ankh Survival Gear is the source for quality emergency food supplies,
    experts in long-term storage packaging, dehydration and freeze-drying
    technology, nutrition protection, and of course, the art of preserving
    food that is satisfying and delicious tomorrow as well as in twenty or
    more years from now.

    Aside from food, we also offer Emergency Survival Kits, Bug-Out Bags,
    Hygiene and Sanitation, Preparedness Seeds, Long Term Food Storage and
    a wide range of outdoor and other emergency gear that will come in
    handy during an emergency, or even while you’re out camping.